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Mar 31, 2014
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Posted by: Andrew Hillier

Hillier's Moving & Transport is happy to add Bedford Buy & Sell in Bedford, Nova Scotia to our list of clients!

Mar 11, 2014
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Posted by: Andrew Hillier
Hillier's Moving & Transport is happy to add Leon's Furniture in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to our list of clients!
Dec 24, 2012
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Posted by: Andrew Hillier
Hillier's Moving & Transport (HMT) wishes everyone a Happy Holiday season!
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Packing Tips


    1. Failing to plan is planning to fail!
The sooner you know that you will be moving the better. If you know a month or more ahead of time and start your organizing your thoughts then, you will have a much easier move than if you decided to wait until the last week to rush into everything.

    2. Baby Steps!
Packing over a couple of months is definitely less stressful than if you were doing it in the final week of the move. If you were to pack one box every day for 2 months, you would have roughly 60 boxes packed!

We can't stress this one enough! It's easier and safer to pack those dishes in a box than throwing them in a few grocery bags with your utensils. Boxes are easy to label as well which brings us onto the next Easy Packing Tip...

    4. Colour-Code
We learn colour-coding when we are children, so why not make use of it when organizing our moves. Get a few colour-coded tabs or if you prefer, some markers or hi-liters, and decide which colour will be for which rooms. This will make both your lives and the movers lives easier when it comes time to knowing which room to unload which boxes into.
P.S. for Mom & Dad - This is something your kids can do while you're packing those expensive dishes!

    5. Inventory Items
This step should be done BEFORE packing any boxes. It's always a good idea to take inventory if you have the time, which you should if you've read this far! This reduces the chance of loss of personal belongings. Nobody wants to forget their favourite items in their closet because they forgot to take an inventory of their items before packing them!

    6. Bottom-Heavy Top-Light
When packing, try to pack the bulkier and heavier items at the bottom of the boxes. This will reduce chances of potential damage to your belongings. Nobody enjoys a move when things break on them!

    7. Proper Packing
Try to use the proper size box for the items being packed. Packing smaller items in large boxes makes just as much sense (none) as overpacking smaller boxes with large items. A helpful tip to conserve space. If you have a few smaller boxes that can fit into a larger box. Simply pack them in with that box. Packed boxes should weigh less than 50lbs.

    8. Safeguard Valuables
We strongly suggest packing your highly valuabled items in the same box and take them in your own vehicle. Losing your family photo album has much more sentimental value...and some things just can't be replaced with money! We suggest packing jewelry, any antiques, important papers (certificates, licenses, etc) or overly valued items with you to reduce risk of damage to these items.

    9. Apples & Oranges
This tip is actually two! First part is keep items of the same sort together when packing. It's easier to know what's inside a box labeled "Books" if there is only books in it! The second part is don't pack food that has chances of going bad or spilling on your moving trip. This is particularly important for long distance moves. Who wants sour milk all over their new sofa?! Save yourself the hassle and only pack non-perishible items for the haul.

    10. Moving Week!
Well you've made it this far, why stop now? Now's the time to have those couple extra boxes for those items that each family member needs when they unpack in their new place! We suggest that each person in the household have at least one box allocated for this purpose. Make sure you label it!

Hillier's Moving & Transport also offers packing services (discounts apply to students and seniors). For a more detailed list of our rates please visit our rates rates section.

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