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Aug 1, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: Andrew Hillier
Hillier's Moving & Transport is proud to announce that we have recently made several updates to our website.
Owner/President: Andrew Hillier
Phone: 902-440-6295


Have an item you just bought on Kijiji?  No way of getting that couch, table & chair set, or other recently purchased item home?  Here at Hillier's Moving & Transport, we charge $50 flat rate for basic pickup/deliveries (up to 3 items) within Halifax/HRM.  Our rate includes 2 movers and a van.  If an extra helper is required there is a $10 helper/jobber fee added.  If you are interested in having something delivered to/from outside Halifax/HRM (up to 160km) please contact us so we can give you a fair estimate.

If you are looking to have scheduled, bulk delivery work done, please contact us to discuss our rates.  We would be happy to help your company with its delivery requirements.

All of our estimates are absolutely free! As part of our Green Initiative in helping the environment, we provide an option to send estimates and invoices electronically if you so choose.

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